Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for First Kick?
First Kick is for birth years 2012-2014, with the youngest being 3 and the oldest potentially being 6.


Why should I sign my child up for First Kick?
1) Fun and easy way to introduce the game of soccer to your child
2) Professional and friendly staff
3) Psychomotor Development – M.A.R method; Motivation, Association, Repetition
4) Safe, clean soccer facilities


How do I register for First Kick/ How will I know if there are still spots open?
All registration must be done online. In order to create a proper player development environment, registration numbers will be limited. As long as you are still able to go online and register then there are still spots available.


What should my child wear/bring?
Players should wear athletic shorts, shin-guards, athletic top, soccer cleats or gym shoes, and soccer socks. Players should bring a size 3 soccer ball and plenty of water. 


Where does my child report to for camp?
First Kick is held on the small indoor soccer field at Town & Country, 1018 Town Dr. Wilder, KY 41076.